Professional Physical Security

GSS is a security company, having offices in Sofia and other parts of the country, and it is specialized in offering professional physical security. The employees in this sector are licensed in accordance with the requirements of the Private Security Business Law. They have successfully fulfilled the tests for mental and physical fitness, as well as additionally internal company trainings, developed by experts and complied with the client`s needs and the specification of the security services that are fulfilled for the respected client.

The physical security is performed by the GSS uniformed employees, equipped with self­protection devices, personal identification card, panic button, and the communication devices are – walkie-talkies and mobile phones. The selection of security guards for each separate site is individual and entirely complied with the requirements that the client has. The security can be daily, nightly or 24-hours, according to the site specifications and complied with the client`s budget.

Work Approach

Before taking a site to be under physical protection, GSS experts perform a security monitoring and risk analysis at our own expense. According to the gathered results, the entire concept for security is formed, as well as suggestion for the implementation and organization of the site security, solutions for safety improvement, a plan for securing the site and instructions for the specific obligations of the guards. After taking the site for security, "Global Security Services" is available for the client for 24-hours, through a specially assigned employee for that job ­ "security organizer", who fulfills the following activities:

  • Controls and manages the security activity, prepares the monthly reports and analyses the progress of the security process;
  • Identifies and implements preliminary measures for preventing criminal violations over the guarded site;
  • Makes the connection with the MIA organs and other authorities when needed;
  • Makes the connection with the client;
  • Performs periodical trainings and instructions of the security guards for taking actions in different emergency and extreme situations, depending on the site specifications.

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After a contract for physical protection is concluded, GSS offers extremely discounted prices for security system technique, video monitoring and access control.


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