Alarm security technique

GSS offers modern and contemporary complex solutions in the area of the alarm security system (SOT), by designing and building security systems, complied with the individual needs of the Client. Optimal measures for increasing security are being taken, in order to guarantee client`s peace. The agency works with proven importers and successfully collaborates with the Bulgarian leading companies, providing security systems.

Employees in the "SОТ" section are professionals with qualified technical education and long years of experience. Before the installation of the security technique, company specialists will make free consultations and observations, and they will offer an individual offer, complied with the client`s requirements and the specifications of the site. After the installation of the security technique, GSS is 24 hours available for the client, providing guarantee and post­guarantee service.

What does GSS offer to you?
  • Alarm systems and fire alarm.
  • Perimeter security.
  • Video surveillance systems.
  • Systems for access control.
  • Non-standard security solutions.
  • 24-hours service.


GSS offers twenty-four hours monitoring and reaction with patrol teams, uniformed and armed guards. The connection between the duty center and the sites that are under security is carried out by several independent communication channels, which makes jamming the signal practically impossible.

When the site alarm is activated, the operator on duty immediately sends the nearest patrol team, by controlling and guiding its actions. If necessary, the operator sends back-up patrols and notifies MVR (MIA - Ministry of Internal Affairs) or other departments. For the maximum security, the signal is being duplicated, as the GSS team works together with some of the best companies for monitoring and reaction.

What does GSS offer?
  • Security with a panic button.
  • Individual approach.
  • Professional technique.
  • Affordable monthly fees.
  • Twenty-four hour duty patrols.
  • Twenty-four hour monitoring and reaction.

Access control

When you have a reliable alarm system, you will be at any time, always informed what is happening at your home, office or store. Nowadays, the investment in security technique and video surveillance is needed.

Monitoring from your Smartphone
  • Constant monitoring at any time, from any place.
  • Snapshot of the present situation.
  • Archive of the records and references to previous periods.
  • Stability, confidentiality and security at your working place and at home.


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