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Global Security Services 2014 Ltd. (GSS) is an agency for security and protection, having unlimited license for fulfilling private security services, issued by GDNP (Chief Directorate ‘National Police’). There is a team of qualified and ambitious professionals standing behind the agency, with long years of experience, and their management is entirely devoted to the motto ‘We offer security!’

Driven by our goal to be a modern and reliable security company, we bravely stand for our motto, striving to offer professional security services along with the recent modern solutions in the alarm and security equipment, impeccable security services and professional physical security.

For our clients` safety and security, we always prepare a special, individual offer, consistent with their requirements and specifications of their objects, and we also offer consultations, analysis and risk assessment, accomplished with unusual and effective solutions for personal and company security application. For the maximum safety of the guarded sites, we offer complex security services, consistent with the employer`s budget.

Security services

Complex security services

Physical security. SOT Security and security with a panic button. Constructing a system for video monitoring at our own expense and connecting the cameras to our operating center. Twenty-four hours video monitoring. Maximum security.

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